After being introduced to the commercial world as a child actor at twelve, Kris went on to star in more than a dozen national campaigns for companies like Office Depot, Nerf, Scope and Buick and television programming like ABC’s Class Clowns and Nickelodeon's Clarissa Explains it All & Fifteen.  Spending his formative years working on-set, Kris naturally gravitated toward a career in film production, where he was particularly interested in the challenging world of Producing.  Utilizing his knowledge from the viewpoint of an actor, at seventeen Kris began an internship for Apex Pictures in Miami, FL, where he had the opportunity to shadow countless projects from concept to completion, having a small part in each step.

Following high school, Kris attended Florida State University's School of Motion Picture, Television and Recording Arts.  During his time at FSU, Kris produced the Grand Prize winning short film, "Escape Back to the Movies" which received the Coca-Cola's Refreshing Filmmaker’s Award and screened on over 50,000 movie screens nationwide.  With BFA in-hand, Kris accepted an invitation by George Lucas's visual effects power house, Industrial Light & Magic to work on Star Wars Episode II, motivating a move to San Francisco, CA.  Following wrap of this immense project, Kris relocated to Los Angeles in 2002.

It was during his first week in LA that Kris was reintroduced to the commercial world on a campaign for ESPN, this time as a production coordinator.  Quickly falling in love with the frenetic pace that short format production brings, Kris immersed himself in the world of freelance commercial, promo and music video production.  Now, close to 15 years later, Kris has worked on well over a thousand short format projects for artist's such as Beyonce, Green Day, OK Go, Gnarls Barkley, Korn, Ludacris and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and has been a part of the creation of memorable commercial campaigns for Ford, Firestone, Nike, Del Monte and Coors Light to name a few.  While short format production remains a passion, Kris has also produced over 50 hours of television content including promos for Nickelodeon, MTV, The Cartoon Network and The Disney Channel, as well as prime-time content like My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss, The World Stunt Awards, Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive, and Temptation Island.

In 2007 Kris was nominated for an Emmy for the Public Service Announcement he produced for Life Rolls On, an organization that supports extreme athletes continuing in their sport despite devastating spinal cord injuries. 

Until 2015, Kris was the Vice President of Production & Finance at Soapbox Films.  Integral in the day-to-day operations of this busy Burbank based production company, Kris oversaw all production needs for this prolific content creator, specializing in targeted marketing for feature film studios.  Averaging 60+ shoots per year for over a decade, Kris managed a staff of 35+ including development, production and post production professionals.  Under the Soapbox banner, Kris also Executive Produced Disney Movie Surfers for Walt Disney Pictures.  Currently in it’s 20th Season, the Movie Surfers travel the world looking behind the scenes of upcoming feature films, documenting once in a lifetime experiences while on set with the cast and crew and sharing them with the audience of the Disney Channel. 

In both 2010 and 2012 Kris was honored with producing the Webby winning ‘Viral Video of the Year’ for Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody and OK Go’s Muppets Theme Song respectively.  This honor makes 6 Webby wins overall.

In 2016 Kris returned to longform television production, producing The Muppets (series), Chunk & Bean (pilot), season two of The Real O’Neals and What About Barb? (pilot) all for ABC Studios.

Currently, Kris is producing the first season of The Mayor, airing Tuesdays at 9:30p on ABC.

kris eber, pga  l  producer

“Kris is a breath of fresh air in a stinky, stinky sewage pit” - Kirk Thatcher, director

•  More then 25 years of on-set experience

  1. Proud member of the Producers Guild of America

  2. Produced videos have been viewed well in excess of 250 million times

•  Emmy Nominated, Public Service Announcement, “Life Rolls On”

•  6 Time Webby Award Winner including two “Viral Video of the Year” trophies

•  4 Time MTV Video Music Award Nominee

•  Coca-Cola Refreshing Filmmaker Grand Prize Winner; produced short was sh(and 3 time finalist)

•  Long standing relationships with crew and vendors

•  Alumnus Mentor to Florida State University’s College of Motion Picture Arts (Film School) graduates

•  Produced Short Films have garnered honors at over twenty-five international film festivals

•  Screen Actors Guild member since 1990

Kris is based in Los Angeles but has worked around the world including Atlanta, Chicago, Colorado, Edinburgh, Honduras, London, Los Angeles, Mexico, Miami, Morocco, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Orlando, Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco and Vancouver.

Kris is represented by:

ICM Partners

10250 Constellation Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90067

Janet Carol Norton